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We have 41-acres of recreation property for sale that is perfect for your retirement years, or just as a get-away. It is wooded land with a six-acre lake. The lake dam was built in 1985. It was stocked with Largemouth Bass, Bluegill and Channel Catfish. The land has been pesticide and herbicide free throughout history. In other words, it is all organic. Recreation lake and fishing property

There is also a medium sized mobile home with wood patio deck, stove, refrigerator, window air conditioner, electricity, running water, and sewage pool. The main road is gravel and after entering through a gate, there is another long gravel road to the house hidden back in the trees. There is also a boathouse shed and a boat dock built in 2006 (not shown in older photos). Read more details

Recently a friend described it as “what it must be like being in heaven.” We are quite fond of it. The land has been in our family since 1883 and is registered on the Missouri Century Farm registry. But make no mistake, country living can be a challenge for some city people.

Whether you intend to use this hide-away or not, a major consideration should be that land values are a solid investment for the future and will never become worthless.

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